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Wisdom Teeth?

I think I have only 3. The past few years they will come in a little (it doesn't necessarily hurt, it's just kind of annoying to my gum and the side of my mouth) and then it will go away after a week or so. I'm having that problem right now...sooo...just wondering, why they keep coming in a little by little? it's been like this for YEARS. I'm 21 now. Also, is it normal for it to hurt the side of your mouth? or does that mean it's really far over on your gum line? does everybody have to get them pulled? I'm not having major probs with them but will I later......? sorry so many q's

Wisdom Teeth?
i have only 3 too. the first 2 came out fine but the third is growing at an angle n i just had it removed this morning, as it is pushing on the adjacent tooth giving me pain, and infection from food trapped in the raised flap of gum it caused. i am 25.

your symptoms are all normal. my wisdom teeth all take a few years to fully grow out. better to consult a dentist to take an x ray to see if extraction is necessary.

by the way, it is not painful :)
Reply:I would have them looked at by your dentist... He/she will take x-rays to evaluate them.

Not everyone has to have them removed... It is possible to have only 3... Some of the problems that can arise later all depend upon what the outcome of the clinical evaluation of them is (need to get in there and see + x-rays)... Least problem possible, tough to brush... Greatest problem, infection...
Reply:I don't know about the pain, but I do know that I have all of my wisdom teeth and they don't bother me at all. Some people only have them pulled if they start hurting or cramping up your mouth. Often times if you get a cavity in them, the dentist will suggest pulling it...but I'm such a wimp I just opted to fill it. The only long term problem I think you may have would be with the pain...if it's been bothering you for years I don't think that will ever stop bugging your gums.

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Wisdom teeth?

I just got all four of mine removed, are there any tricks you know to reduce swelling and speed the healing process? thx!

Wisdom teeth?
The night of the surgery it is OK to ice your cheeks for 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off. After that, however, you should not use cold compresses. The cold will decrease blood flow to the area, and actually slow the healing process. Your body is sending immune system anti-infection and healing cells to the area to help you get through the process. Taking an anti-inflammatory pain-killer like ibuprofen on a very regular basis over the next few days will help immensely. If you are a healthy young adult, 800mg of ibuprofen every 6 hours will help you remain in only slight discomfort and in a state of as little swelling as is possible. Do not use ice after the first 24 hours of the surgery. Good luck. You will get through it.
Reply:jell-o. . .it works =]
Reply:I was told to put ice on it, twenty minutes on, twenty off. I didn't, and I looked like John Goodman for a week.
Reply:Yes. Pack your jaw with ice for about 12 hours now. If you don't have an icepack that goes around your jaw try to improvise with the kind of gel packs that can be molded into a shape of some kind. Meanwhile, you can wraps frozen peas around your jaw. (In the future tell people to buy the ice head wrap pack from

Next, take some bromelein extract capsules (sold at GNC and health food stores). Avoid tomatoes, bananas and always follow your oral surgeon's instructions. I had all 4 out 35 years ago, with no swelling.

Now I am caring for my stepson who just had a Leforte 3 (jaw reconstruction surgery).

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Wisdom teeth...?

About how much is it out of pocket (no insurance) to get them removed in Eastern Washington State. I know it's impossible to give an exact answer, that's not what I'm looking for. Just a guess :-)

Wisdom teeth...?
it cost me 900 dollars to get mine out.

this was 3 years ago.

i am in massachusetts.

this is with being put to sleep!

hope this helps!

Reply:An extraction is rather expensive. I was put to sleep and they removed two teeth on the same side it cost me about 100.00 but insurance paid for the other grand. You sould try to look into going to a dental school for the extraction, it will be a hell-of-a lot cheaper if you plan on paying out of pocket.


Wisdom Teeth?

How much does it cost(without insurance) to get them removed? Is it safe just to let them come through on their own?

Wisdom Teeth?
It depends on where you live. Try going to a dental school and they won't charge much or anything at all. My wisdom teeth have already come in but i got to take them out too. Because twice a year they hurt like hell. Anyway , it would be considered as oral surgery and it might go up to 300-500 dollars . Depends on if you if live on the west coast where everything is expense or some rural town. But i would try a dental school first. Or you can call 1.800. dentist and see if they have a sliding scale depending on your income.
Reply:If your teeth aren't hurting -- just let them come in. It's not always necessary to remove them.
Reply:like more than a 1,000 dollars
Reply:Its considered surgery they usually put you in a twi-light sleep state to remove them. That's what they did to me. You wake up with wades of cotton in your mouth and they tell you your done. It's very expensive.....about $4-5000K.....probably. Price it through a oral surgeon....that's the doctors that perform the operation, they will probably tell you that you have to be evaluated first.

Not removing wisdom teeth that are coming in crooked can cause allot of problems...especially if their half way erupted and sideways, they could stay that way if theres not enough room in your mouth (which was my case) they cause really bad pain in your ear and down your arm, headaches, bad breathe, and ear infections.
Reply:You don't need them removed...only if your dentist says they need to come out.
Reply:around $1,700.00

you can just let them grow in on their own but you should check with a dentist first.
Reply:They should only come out if they're causing problems like pain. When I got mine out, I had insurance. but they didn't pay. It was around $1500. That was for all 4 of them though.
Reply:Its safe but you may have pain they tend to rot because they have no enamel I'm gonna get mine pulled in a month from now. The cost is $137.00 per tooth if they are all ready through the gums I dont Know the cost if they have to cut them out. Good Luck
Reply:If your wisdom teeth aren't hurting then it should be ok to leave them, as I know people who have done that. But its best to speak to your dentist and to at least get a full mouth x-ray done as you want to make sure there are no problems with how they are growing.
Reply:Plenty of people have their wisdom teeth; you only have to have them removed if they're hurting you or doing damage to your other teeth. If you do have them removed it'll probably cost you more than $1000 if you're uninsured. (I had two of mine out a couple of years ago and although I only paid about $100, my insurance covered another $1100.) You can also have one or two teeth removed if they bother you and leave the others be.
Reply:Wisdom teeth have the potential of causing a whole mess of problems, including impaction, pain, gum infection, crooked teeth, and cysts. It's best to have them removed.

You are looking at about $175-300 per tooth. Some docs are willing to negotiate a payment plan if you put down some sort of deposit.

The good news is that it takes a long time for them to come in, so you have time to save some money or get insurance.

Good luck :o)
Reply:As long as they are not pushing the other teeth out of alignment and you are not having problems or pain (other than the normal pain from cutting teeth) then it is OK to let them come in and leave them. I am not sure of the cost but I do know it can vary depending on if there are complications (like being impacted or if the root has started to grow into the bone). The only time I know of that they would want to remove them if they aren't causing a problem would be sometimes with braces. I had mine removed at 16 as soon as they started to come in because the doctor said otherwise when they came all the way in it could push the teeth out of alignment and defeat the purpose of having worn braces.
Reply:Somewhere between $400-$450/tooth. They might not come out on their own especially if there is no space for them to erupt. And if left alone, they can develop a cyst. Some won't, but if you want to leave them alone make sure your dentist checks them regularly with an x-ray to make sure no cyst develops. It might be more cost effective long term to just have them removed.

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Wisdom teeth?

how long would it take before i felt back to normal? i want to get it done thursday but i need to be to work on saturday would that be possible thanks

Wisdom teeth?
Some people are back to normal the next day and others take a week. I went back to work 2 days after I had my wisdom teeth pulled - but I have the kind of job where I sit at a desk and don't have to talk much, so it worked out. Also, I had to stop taking the pain medication because usually they give you some strong medicine that you can't drive while taking. So, if you have a desk job and are willing to stop taking the prescribed pain medicine, then you would probably be ok, but not great on Saturday.
Reply:a few days at most...its not that bad
Reply:Yeah, it will be ok, I think! 2 days are needed to heal from this :)...You may be slightly swollen for 1 week...but very slightly!
Reply:It actually depends on how many you need to have pulled, how they've grown in (if they've grown in at all) and also how old you are. Sounds funny, but any dentist will tell you that the longer you wait, the worse it will be.... so the older you are, the worse it will be. Mine were already growing out and I was 18, so I bounced back as soon as I stopped bleeding. My husband on the other hand, waited until they were rotting away and he is almost 30 and a few months later, still has some numbness in his upper jaw.

I don't mean to scare you.... just stating the facts. Good luck! Hope yours goes smooth like mine!
Reply:It differs for different people. It also depends on whether or not the teeth were impacted or just in the way. Also, everyone's bodies react differently to medical procedures.

I felt fine the next day after I had mine out, but my brother was in a lot of pain, had a lot of swelling and took about four days to recover.

Most people I know have recovered in 2-3 days.
Reply:if you have a good dentist you will be fine to go back to work on saturday. I had two of mine pulled (one at a time) and honestly, I felt much better the next day. The spot will be sensitive for a while, and you won't be able to chew on that side. I went back to work the next day after both of mine.
Reply:You should be ok, just make sure you bring your salt water,gause, tylenol, and try to be as antisocial as possible. Usually a person has bad breath until the wounds heal in the back, but make sure to swish with salt water every time you eat to minimize it.
Reply:It depends a lot on how you take care of yourself afterwards. I had all of mine removed before they started coming it. They put me on some different pills for pain and infection. I had penicillin(sp?) pills so it didnt get infected. Me being the kind of forgetful person I am, only took about 2 the first 3 days(i was supposed to take 4 a day) and ended up getting it infected and inflamed around my stitches and where they cut into my gums. that caused me a lot more pain and recovery time than if I had taken better care of myself. So If they give you pills to prevent infection, be sure to take them and you should be fine.


Wisdom Teeth?

What can I do to help the situation? They are coming through right now, or trying to. It is hurting like the dickens.

Wisdom Teeth?
Take anti inflammatory medication. 1 tab is equal to 2 hours of pain relief. 4 tabs would be like a prescription level, but only every 8 hours and not on an empty stomach. Aleve is less medicine to have to take. Usually only 2 tabs for the whole day. Take one morning and night.

You have to see your dentist. He needs an xray to see how they are coming in and how developed the root system is. Get them out. Don't put it off. Don't suffer for a long time, it's not worth it. Even if the pain goes away, most likely it will come back.
Reply:Go see your dentist and get a referal for an oral surgeon. He can advise you....Good luck hope this helps.
Reply:Go see your dentist. If you need help paying for the costs check the site out below.

Good luck
Reply:Check with your dentist. Pain and swelling around your wisdom teeth indicate that they're causing problems. Whether or not you have any symptoms, x-rays will show whether there's infection or whether your teeth are impacted -- that is, if there's no room for them to erupt through the gum.

Even if you don't have pain or swelling, your dentist may recommend that you get your wisdom teeth removed early on. The main reason is that recent studies show that wisdom teeth are linked to a higher rate of chronic bacterial infection in the gums, and can endanger the health of both the back and front teeth -- even if the patient feels no symptoms at all.

A study of 329 patients who had intact wisdom teeth, for example, found that even though the participants had no symptoms of discomfort, there was still evidence of disease-causing bacteria around their wisdom teeth. In fact, the study authors, who published their report in a recent issue of the Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, concluded that gum disease in young adults often begins around the wisdom teeth.

If impacted wisdom teeth are not addressed, the following may occur:

Teeth Shifting: Wisdom teeth may cause a shift in surrounding teeth and cause pain.

Bone Loss and Jaw Expansion: Wisdom teeth may play a role in bone loss and expansion of the jaw.

Congestion: Wisdom teeth may contribute to sinus congestion and headaches.

Cysts and Tumors: Wisdom teeth may be factor in bone destroying tumors or cysts, including cyst formation in the surrounding gum tissue.

Gum Tissue Irritation: Gum tissue surrounding impacted wisdom teeth tends to be more susceptible to gum irritation. If wisdom teeth become crooked and not fully erupted, it may be difficult to clean the gums.

Periodontal Pockets, Cavities and Bone Loss: Difficulty cleaning gums makes it easy for debris to be lodged and creates the perfect setting for bacteria. The resulting bacteria may produce periodontal pockets, create cavities, and lead to bone loss.

Changes in Orthodontia and Dentures: For children and the elderly, erupted wisdom teeth may create unique problems by affecting the results of orthodontia or undermining the functionality of dentures.

It's also easier to remove the teeth when you're younger, because the jawbone is less dense and the tooth's root is not yet fully developed, according to American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons.

For a very good article on wisdom teeth, visit:



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Wisdom Teeth?

I don't know what they are. Not everyone might call them that I don't know. But mine apparently are coming in. ITS PAINFUL!!! Very painful. What is there I can do to reliever at least a little bit of the pain? Oraljel? Any recommendations will be appreciated.

Wisdom Teeth?
Wisdom teeth are supposedly, or at least if my information is correct, de-evolved back teeth that has been with us since the dawn of man. Since it is growing within the jaw and there is no room for it to grow pass your emerge-back teeth. It instead moves sideways and presses against your back teeth of both upper and lower jaws. Un-removed wisdom teeth can cause great pain and oral diseases if not treated soon in your adult years. There is no pain reliever. You have to get it removed.

Just yesterday, I just had my wisdom teeth removed. It is weird (which takes only about 30-35 minutes for me) and a little painful after the surgery (still hurts but is not as bad as it was several hours ago) but it is worth it. My brother went through the same thing and he recovered very well after about a month. I can't guarantee if the procedure is pain free or cheap but whatever you want to be rid of your wisdom teeth or not is up to you. Try consulting a doctor if you have any questions or need more information about it.
Reply:Try taking any pain reliever to start.

You might need to go to your dentist to make sure your wisdom teeth are coming well posisioned, because if they are coming out tilted or (just not straight in general) they might affect the teeth you already have. Your dentist will likely sugests you to have your wisdom teeth removed. is not necesary, but because they are a little harder to reach 100% perfect hygene might be hard to accomplish; that would later give you more problems.

once they are out (and straight) try to keep them as clean as possible.
Reply:Wisdom teeth (3rd molars) were important to humans thousands of years ago when we needed to chew tougher foods. Since our diets have become more refined, we don't need those extra chewing teeth, and our jaws have become smaller (evolution...controversial word nowadays!), sort of like when we stopped needing tails!

The pain you're having is most likely from an infection, please see your dentist for referral to an oral surgeon.
Reply:it's naturally painful,coz there's a little space on ur gums..

i already have 2 wisdom teeth..and it takes months before it actually comes out whole :) my 1st wisdom teeth took 8 months before it really became a molar..then the 2nd one, it's still coming out of my gums, for its 3rd month..

i didn't take any medicine for that... i could bear the pain. .but to u, if it's untolerable, ask ur dentist on what medicine u should take to lessen the pain... don't just buy from drugstore without asking him, it might cause an infection :)